Trevulan Review {UPDATED}: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Free Trial

Trevulan ReviewTrevulan

Trevulan is a multi-purpose workout supplement. Trevulan advertises itself as having multiple benefits for users: increased fat burning, muscles growth, and protein synthesis, as well as increased libido and sexual performance.

Trevulan was developed by its parent company, G10. G10 is a protein supplement company that makes several products, from mass-gainers, to protein shakes, to multi-purpose workout products such as Trevulan.

What is Trevulan Supposed to Do?

Trevulan, as mentioned above, is supposed to provide its users with three main effects: fat burning, muscle growth, and protein synthesis. Trevulan is supposed to act a pre-meal supplement that allows users to experience each of these three benefits, as well as increased sexual performance, sex drive, and strength.

Trevulan Ingredients

Trevulan has five main ingredients:

  • Taurine, to resist muscular breakdown.
  • L-Arginine, to help optimize blood flow.
  • L-Carnitine, to help burn body fat.
  • L-Glutamine, to help muscles retain water.
  • BCAAs, to repair muscle tissue.
  • Creatine, for increased muscle synthesis.

How Trevulan Works?

Ideally, you are supposed to take Trevulan before your meals in order to feel its effects, although taking it before a workout or after a meal would probably work as well. Once taken, Trevulan supposedly saturates your body with its ingredients to provide the advertised effects.

Trevulan Pros

  • Has multiple health benefits.
  • Is an easy all-in-one’ solution to supplementing for busy fitness lovers.
  • Provides all-natural ingredients.
  • Features several ingredients vital to fitness success.

Trevulan Cons

  • Although its ingredients are well-known, they are not proven to work.
  • Protein must still be taken alongside this for maximum results.
  • No way to know how much of each ingredient is in the mixture.
  • Product is not reviewed by the FDA.

Trevulan Results

Unfortunately, just because it advertises spectacular results doesn’t mean it actually provides them. Trevulan absolutely does NOT provide users with a higher sex drive or performance. It’s claims to build muscle while burning fat are also arguable. Although it provides a good mixture of ingredients, it’s hard to tell exactly what of its advertised benefits Trevulan actually provides.

Where to Buy Trevulan?

You can buy Trevulan off of a site such as Amazon, or via the parent company’s site,

Is Trevulan a Scam?

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call Trevulan a complete scam – the supplement does provide users with some concrete benefits – I would say that Trevulan is without a doubt false advertising.

The truth is, since products such as these are not reviewed by the FDA, they can advertise themselves as providing benefits they absolutely do not, and this is the case with Trevulan. Trevulan will not increase your sexual performance or drive, not by a long shot. It will, however, provide you with some light benefits when it comes to burning fat and building muscle, so it’s not a complete sham.

Trevulan Side effects

Trevulan contains only well-known natural ingredients, and features no known side-effects at the time of writing this article.

Final Verdict

Trevulan doesn’t do nearly everything that it advertises itself as doing. It does not increase sexual energy or performance and overplays its weight-lifting attributes. However, it is an easy way to stack multiple well-known weightlifting supplements on top of each other, so in that sense, Trevulan is not the worst supplement you can buy.

Overall, I’d recommend just using separate BCAAs/Creatine/L-Cartinine/L-Arganine supplements. The advertising for Trevulan may be fun, but you’ll be better off just investing in quality supplements other than Trevulan in the long run. [testogen]