Titanodrol Review {UPDATED}: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Free Trial

Titanodrol ReviewTitanodrol

Titanodrol is a testosterone enhancing supplement that claims to be safe, natural, and effective. On the Titanodrol website, the only retailer of the supplement, the product is described as being effective in supporting the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone in order to increase muscle mass in a shorter amount of time. The supplement is touted as being effective in other areas such as energy, muscular repair, and higher libido.

Company Behind Titanodrol

The Titanodrol company relies on customer reviews and an affiliate program to boost their sales. Affiliates for such companies can usually be found on Instagram claiming the wonders of XYZ product in order to get a cut of the check.

The supplement is only available in 2, 3, and 6 bottle packages. For the average consumer, these bottles are unnecessary or inconvenient. As of now, there is no auto-shipment option on the website. Titanodrol has not been tested or regulated by the FDA.

Titanodrol Claims

  • Energy Increase, especially during workouts
  • Muscle Regeneration
  • Faster and greater muscle growth
  • Higher Libido
  • Stimulates Testosterone Naturally

Titanodrol Ingredients

The ingredients, while available on the Titanodrol website , are not listed with their dosages. This is concerning as dosage can be the difference between a potent supplement and a placebo. Consumers with allergies should be especially cautious when ordering Titanodrol because the concentrations of ingredients can trigger major reactions.

  • Aspartic Acid- An Amino Acid
  • Beta-Alaine- For stamina and efficiency
  • L-arginine- a growth hormone
  • ribulus Terrestris- A testosterone booster

Other ingredients on the label:

  • Ginger
  • Caffeine
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Fenugreek
  • Guarana (Can be lethal in concentrations of 10 grams at once)
  • Zinc

How does Titanodrol Work?

According to the Titandrol website, the supplement works by supporting the body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. For instance, L-arginine is a growth hormone that stimulates nitric oxide to transport nutrients to the cells.

This hormone is already present in the body. The ingredients that Titandrol highlights are either already in the body or part of most consumers’ diets. Adding them in as a supplement is not necessary. Unnecessary supplements and minerals are treated as waste by the body.

Where to buy Titanodrol?

Titanodrol sounds like the ideal supplement if it worked as claimed. The shipping is free on the website. Each bottle of 60 tablets costs $25. Two bottles will last if taken as directed, two months. Some consumers may experience the advertised effects of muscle growth, energy, and increased libido. However, this cannot be guaranteed for all customers as there have been no trials and no review database is available on the website.

Titanodrol Side Effects

The website does not list possible side effect either. As mentioned earlier, allergic reactions are possible due to the labels not listing the concentrations of each ingredient. Guarana and caffeine can cause heart palpitations, anxiety, and digestive problems. A headache and nausea are also likely side effects.

Titanodrol Review: Final Verdict

As with many dietary supplements, one should proceed with absolute caution before purchasing Titan drop. Titanodrol has not been proven to given real results. The website offers no refund policy. Affiliates may sing the praises of Titanodrol, but remember they are banking on their cut of the check. There are no guarantees with Titanodrol, except that you will be out at least $25 when purchasing. [testogen]