Testosterone Injection vs Oral T-Booster

Testosterone Injection vs Oral T-BoosterAll About Testosterone Boosters and Steroids

What is Testosterone?

This is a naturally occurring sex hormone produced in the man’s testicles. Testosterone is also produced in the woman’s ovaries and the adrenal system in small amounts. The lack of this hormone in men may lead to one being treated by being injected with Testosterone due to hormonal imbalances, delayed puberty or even worse infertility. The testosterone hormone injection can be used to treat women who are affected by breast cancer which has spread to the other parts of their bodies. Some individual may think that testosterone can improve an athlete’s performance, well this is not true, and therefore one should not misuse testosterone for the wrong intended purpose.

What Are Testosterone Injection?

This may refer to the hormone injection that an individual is administered with by injection as a form of therapy to help with the effects caused by imbalanced or lack of enough Testosterone hormone in the body. This can also be administered to people suffering from an insufficient circulation of testosterone. This type of medication therapy is cost effective and the most preferred and widely used mode of balancing the testosterone hormone in one’s body.

These injections are safe, and they enhance metabolism and the mental fitness in men. Hypogonadal men mostly prefer this therapy, and the injection should be done once or on every week or two. The testosterone injections are for the intramuscular injection, and hence they are administered directly to the body muscles and absorbed directly to the blood vessels. The health condition of the individual seeking the therapy determines the quantity they are supposed to receive.

How Steroids Work?

Primarily the steroids are produced from the male hormones and particularly the testosterone. The steroids tend to work by trying to copy the function of the endogenous testosterone that is in the human body. They are administered orally, or one can opt for an injection. The steroids start to work immediately you get started with the using circle. The steroids get to be distributed to all parts of the body’s organs. The steroids work by reducing the effect of the cortisol on the tissues of the muscle while at the same time work for an improved production of proteins and muscle mass and strength gain in general.

The steroids enhance the production of proteins in the body, and since they are the building blocks of the muscles, they facilitate the growth of the body to a maximum. The steroids also help the users to achieve anti-metabolism and deactivate cortisol the hormone that helps with the disintegrating of the amino acids and proteins to produce energy that is sufficient for the body to perform its activities.

The steroids work by promoting the ideal bodybuilding by inducing the cell differentiation mechanism that enables cells to be specialized to perform a given function. This is done by the body cells being redirected to develop into the fat-storage cells to muscles cells.

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The administering of the intramuscular testosterone injection has minimum side effects as compared to the oral administered one as the users may develop a sour spot on the place that they are injected severally while others may develop liver problems if taken orally and it also affects the body’s ability to secrete the hormone independently.

  • Allergic Reaction: People who still use the testosterone injection can suffer allergic reaction such as swelling, getting an itchy sore on the injection site, and swelling of the face, throat and getting difficulty in breathing.
  • Fluctuations in Cholesterol Levels: The steroid administering also affects the cholesterol balancing in the body as like any other hormone the testosterone is produced from the bodies that have cholesterol in their bloodstreams. This may lead to the high presence of the cholesterol in the body and lead to narrowing of the blood vessel, hypertension, water retention or any other related complication.
  • Spermatogenesis Suppression: The therapy administered for testosterone may adversely affect the creation and development of the spermatozoa. The sperm cell development can be suppressed by the elevated amount of testosterone that inhibits follicle-stimulating hormone.

What are Testosterone Boosters?

These are compounds that enhance the production level of testosterone in men. In some cases, these boosters are prescription medications which are administered to treat a particular illness by a physician. There also exist many natural testosterone supplements that are usually made of herbal ingredients and other vitamins and minerals. They are known to be the safe supplements in that you even don’t require a prescription from a doctor before you can get it for use.

How do Testosterone Boosters Work?

There exist different varieties of testosterone boosters that are found in the market nowadays. Not any booster can give out the results you may need, and that calls for the need of an individual to choose the booster that can give you the results you may need.

Usually, Estrogen stimulates testosterone secretion in the body. Low level of estrogen means more testosterone secretion in the body. The available varieties of these boosters aim in reducing the levels of estrogen and stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone Boosters BenefitsTestogen

With the availability of different boosters that do exist, Testogen has been found to be the best t testosterone booster. One of the benefits of these boosters is that they are used for building muscles. This is usually preferred by most wrestlers, athletes and bodybuilders.

The boosters can also be used to others for aesthetic sense. They are capable of building muscles and give an individual a huge look the movie stars and bodybuilders have.

Testosterone Boosters are also known to be suitable agents to build strength that many bodybuilders and athletes do need.

What are the Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters?

When used at normal levels, they can help you build muscles and increase strength. Some people may use the booster making the levels of testosterone increase to an unnatural level, with this, you will notice to develop some undesirable side effects. You may end up with testicular atrophy or gynecomastia. Surgery is the only way you can use to reverse this effect. There are so many other effects that can be brought by these boosters, but if well administered they can go well with you.


Most sports people in the world have been banned from performing different sporting activities for doping. This is due to steroid usage. Some designer steroids are usually manufactured to carry out drug tests specifically, but these tests seem to be getting more advanced. So, these steroids are illegal. On the other hand, testosterone boosters can enhance the performance of sports people. They are regarded to be safe and legal to use. The disadvantages of the steroids far outweigh the only advantage it has while the testosterone boosters unlock more benefits as compared to steroids. They are also free from some side effects, and hence testosterone boosters are better than steroids.