REM PM Review: Side Effects, Scam, Results, Does it Work?


The most essential need in this restless hustle called life, is sleep. Most of the time, after a hard day’s work, people are unable to get a restful sleep for few hours which eventually takes a toll on the health of the person. Moreover, the daily busy routine forbid us from being able to take care of a proper physique as well. Out of the several products out there in the online market, a thermogenic nighttime sleep formula is one unique item that takes care of both the above mentioned problems. One such product is REM PM.

REM PM Company

REM PM is manufactured by the company called Man Sports, which is also known for its products such as Game Day, Pump Powder, ISO-Amino, etc. This ensures that the company is not a fraud and the product REM PM is not a scam.

REM PM Claims
  • A proper restful sleep for sufficient amount of time at night.
  • Helps to build muscles.
  • Thermogenic product, which thereby increases the body temperatures through metabolic stimulation, resulting in a faster burning of fats.
  • Improves mood and lifts morale of the consumer.
  • Improves cognitive power of the person.

REM PM Ingredients

  • Valerian Extract: Helps to aid sleep, calms anxiety, lowers blood pressure and stabilises heart rate of a person. It helps to improve menstrual cramps and spasms and regulates nerve cells. It is said to increase the amount of a chemical called Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) in the brain. The extract acts as a mild sedative to some extent.
  • L-Tryptophan: Improves the cognitive power of a person and enhances mood. Causes mental alertness and lifts up the morale of the person. Moreover, it helps to relieve stress and induce a better sleep. Helps in weight loss of a person and also helps to boost exercise performance. It helps to promote the production of Serotonin, which in turn, helps the person get a better sleep and a stable mood.
  • L-Carnitine: It is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to produce a tremendous amount of energy by transporting fatty acids into the cell’s mitochondria. It helps in the growth and functions of the “powerhouse of the cell”, called mitochondria, which is the most important cell organelle, related to the body’s energy production. It further helps in the metabolism of fats and prominent
    muscle development in the body, therefore, providing a leaner appearance. It also treats fatigue.
  • Green Tea: It is a stimulant and an appetite suppressor, which ensures to curb the unnecessary food cravings that a person generally has. This helps the person to lose weight drastically. This is the main component in the product REM PM, that ensures thermogenesis, few hours after consumption.  Phosphatidyl-serine: Improves cognitive functions of the person.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Aids in the function of the Circulatory System and helps in blood circulation. 7. 5-Hydroxy-tryptophan: Regulates mood and also acts as an appetite suppressor. Regulates serotonin levels and stabilizes a perosn’s mood and sleep patterns.
  • Melatonin: Regulates the sleep cycle in the person’s body.
  • L-Alpha-Glycerlphorcholine (GPC): Helps in cognitive functions.

How does REM PM Work?

The ingredients present in REM PM helps to boost metabolism levels and stabilises the heart rate and blood pressure, thereby providing a relaxing atmosphere to help the consumer sleep peacefully at night. The thermogenic ingredients kick in a few hours after the consumption of the product and increases the body’s temperature which helps in the fat loss of the body. This fat loss, along with the appetite suppressants present in the product, help to cut off the unnecessary food munching habits of a person. Moreover, the ingredients escalates the muscle build up rate of the body, which ensures a leaner look. The stimulants present, give a refreshing feel in the morning and helps to better the cognitive function of the same being.


  • Almost all the ingredients used are of natural origin.
  • Does not hide any of its ingredients.
  • The manufacturer has other well known products under its name and like some of its other products, REM PM also fall under the category of “money return guarantee” under certain terms and conditions.


  • No effect in weight loss.
  • Dry mouth and throats have been reported.
  • Affects the nervous system in the long run.
  • Might become addictive to few people.
  • Headaches.
  • Increased restlessness.

REM PM Results and Side Effects

REM PM is a badly reviewed product with reports of several side effects. It has almost no positive reviews where people have mentioned that the product lived up to its claims. No effect at all, related to weight loss have been seen. In a few cases, certain positive reviews regarding its effect on sleep has been reported but that is greatly overshadowed by its numerous side effects such as increased amounts of nightmares, dry throats, addiction, uneasiness, intolerable headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness, mental confusion and minor memory loss. It can be a cause of a huge range of adverse effects and therefore the product is not at all reliable.

Final Verdict

REM PM is a product of little or no value that comes with a heavy price tag and almost no practical effects. More importantly, it has been reported to cause a serious number of side effects. It is not recommended to use this product without consulting a Physician.