Praltrix Review {UPDATED}: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Free Trial

Praltrix Review

Male sexual performance supplements boomed mainly because they can be easier to acquire than the well-known blue pill. Praltrix is one such example of a supplement that is sold pretty much everyone around the web and claims to improve sexual performance. It sounds all too familiar and it is not the only product out there that claims to temper with such a delicate issue. [maleside]

Company Behind Praltrix

The company behind is… nearly impossible to find. Information about the parent company or the manufacturer is non-existent. This makes every ration person question the product since there is so little information about who makes Praltrix.

Praltrix Claims

What does this miracle pill you ask? According to the product description itself, Praltrix is a male enhancement pill and claims to improve performance. There are claims that it can help with medical affections such as impotency.

– Boosts energy
– Improves libido
– Longer lasting erections.

Praltrix Ingredients

The list of ingredients is also quite difficult to narrow down. On the bottle itself, not much is being listed. Most likely, the formula used for Praltrix is protected so that it cannot be replicated. Some of the few ingredients that are mentioned are well known substances such as L-Arginine, Maca root, Tangkat Ali extract and Horny Goat weed.

How does Praltrix Work?

The substances used in Praltrix have a clear goal and that is to boost testosterone and improve blood flow. Substances like L-Arginine are used even by body builders to boost testosterone and herbs such as Horny Goat weed can increase the male libido. According to the instructions found on the bottle, the supplement has to be used for a period of at least 2 months in order to show noticeable effects.[maleside]

Praltrix Pros

  • Natural ingredients. A supplement that uses natural ingredients is less likely to cause severe adverse reactions.
  • Quite inexpensive when compared to other supplements. Most products in this category are quite expensive.
  • Available without prescription. It can be purchased online and there are plenty of places that offer Praltrix
  • Can be used by men of all ages. The fact that it can be used by men of all ages is a plus as some supplements are not recommended for men that are beyond a certain age.

Praltrix Cons

  •  Very little information about the parent company. This may be concerning to some as the origin of the product is surrounded by a lot of mist.
  • Not many reviews from actual users. It is quite difficult to find a genuine opinion on Praltrix without going trough tens of sales pages.
  • No proven track record for the product. Since there are not that many reviews available, it is difficult to know for sure how well Praltrix works.

Praltrix Results

Praltrix as a product, takes a lot of time to show results. It needs to be taken for 2 months before noticeable improvements are observed. The issue with that is that people lose patience after a while and may not wait that long. Also, the improvement may not be that notable for some men. [maleside]

Where to buy Praltrix?

Since Praltrix is a supplement made using natural ingredients, it does not need a prescription and can be legally sold online. It is quite easy to find and buy online and it is even available in the form of a subscription.

Praltrix Side effects

There are no clear, documented side effects. However, there is no supplement or drug that has absolutely no side effects. Since the ingredients used are natural extracts, the side effects should be minor and can range from small indigestion, bloating sensation or small allergic reactions to the ones that have known allergies associated with any of the ingredients.


Making a product such as Praltrix and claiming that it will show noticeable effects if taken for 2 months is difficult to swallow. Not everyone has the patience to test the product for that long to see if it really works or not. On paper, the substances listed do have positive effects but there is no way to tell the dosage of each substance in Praltrix, if they are enough or if they actually provide results. [maleextra]

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