Androsurge Review {UPDATED}: Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Free Trial

Androsurge ReviewAndrosurge

Feminine traits and behaviors can often be mocked when seen in a man. Though the main hormone in the male is the testosterone, estrogen, the female hormone, is also produced to counter balance it. These two occur in complementary, so a decline in the other causes an increase in the other.

It is for this reason that many men result to taking estrogen blockers, to reduce their estrogen and increase their testosterone. As a result, their manly features become more pronounced and the female traits decline. One such estrogen blocker is the ANDROSURGE supplement. The question however remains, are they worth it? Should you be concerned about possible side effects? [maleside]

The truth is, you should be concerned. There have been serious side effects and complications that have been reported on the use of ANDROSURGE and other estrogen blockers.

Who manufactures ANDROSURGE?

The supplement is manufactured by Jacked Factory, a company in Mount Pearl, Colorado in the U.S that specializes in bio-nutritional supplements for fitness and health.

Androsurge Claims

  • The product is made from natural ingredients.
  • Product has been thoroughly researched hence science backed.
  • No fillers or blends in the product.
  • Proper use of the product achieves desired full body transformations with no side effects.

Is Androsurge a Scam?

ANDROSURGE works alright! But the side effects are detrimental. Moreover, the withdrawal after stoppage is unnerving. [maleside]

Androsurge Ingredients

Include Vitamin D, Rhodiola root extract, Grape seed extract, Zinc and Diindolylmethane.

How ANDROSURGE works and its benefits?

The Rhodiola root extract acts to suppress cortisol levels and promote testosterone production. As a result the effects of estrogen, including low sex drive and increase in fat in abdominal region, wear off. The Grape seed extract inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This causes a rise in the testosterone level in the blood, hence better sex drive and stamina. Moreover, this causes rise in energy level in body.

The Zinc promotes muscle mass and the user thus user becomes more muscular. Diindolylmethane inhibits effects of estrogen in males and the Vitamin D promotes stronger bones and natural testosterone production.

Androsurge Risks and side effects.

When taken by minors, men under the age of 18, it may lead to serious problems including stuntedness in growth, infertility, ED and stress. ANDROSURGE can cause complete withdrawal from the effects it produced. [maleside]

This means that once you stop taking the supplement, your estrogen levels will exponentially rise and revert you to your previous state, or worse. There have also been reported cases of violence on users ANDROSURGE. Apparently they became too manly and wrecked their homes.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, do not go for ANDROSURGE or any other estrogen blockers. There is a reason why the body produces both hormones, for balance. Trying to eliminate one element simply because you do not like it may be detrimental to your body. Try going for other methods of controlling your estrogen, like eating healthily and working out. [maleextra]