Androdrol Review: Scam, Side Effects, Does it Work? Results

Androdrol ReviewAndrodrol

Androdrol is a prohormone that has been synthetically designed for bodybuilding, muscle gain and fat loss. With 60 capsules per container, Androdrol is often advertised and sometimes cited as a wonder bodybuilding drug that works. This product review aims to check the claims made by the manufacturers and advertisers of the pill.

Androdrol COMPANY

PowerLab Nutrition is the manufacturer of Androdrol and has been in business for some time, manufacturing anabolic supplements for users. Its users, however, have rated it as an average manufacturer is several product reviews.

Androdrol CLAIMS

Androdrol claims to be the ultimate prohormone that is recognized by its users as an “Andro leader”. Its manufacturers and advertisers state that:

  • Androdrol causes an increase in the muscle strength,
  • It increases stamina.
  • Increases muscle size, and
  • Helps in losing fat from the body.


Ingredients used in the manufacture of Androdrol are: 15 mg Max LMG (prostegin for solid gains to users’ muscles), 10 mg of Superdrol (an anti-estrogen), 15 mg Epistane/Havoc (a steroid with anti-estrogenic properties), 20 mg of Halovar (a compound for more muscle mass), 6-Bromoandrestenedione (an anti-estrogen), Bioprene and Vanadyl Sulphate

HOW DOES Androdrol WORK?

Androdrol, an anabolic steroid, works by decreasing or limiting estrogen levels in the body with Superdrol, Epistane and 6-Bromoandrestenedione. It builds muscle mass with its triple-methylated property. It also limits the water retention in the muscle with the help of Max LMG. However, all of its ingredients are extremely toxic for the liver and may cause serious hormonal imbalance if used for more than 8 weeks continuously.

Androdrol PROS

Pros of the drug are:

  • It is shown to help build muscle and provide strength gain to its users.
  • Androdrol also helps in fat loss to some extent and its usage does not lead to an increase in acne, hair loss or other skin or tissue issues usually observed with most prohormones.
Androdrol  CONS

Androdrol, however, has several negative points and effects. Several of its users have claimed that:

  • The results shown by use of Andrdrol are not as dramatic as claimed or advertised.
  • Androdrol is too expensive.
  • It has reported to cause pain in users’ joints.
  • Some users have also reported a loss in sex drive.
  • It is extremely hepatoxic.

Androdrol  RESULTS

The product does show some result, but this result is not comparable to the hype created or claims made by the company.

WHERE TO BUY Androdrol?

The product can be bought online at supplement shops and websites. While no market vendor or seller of this product can be found offline, websites like Strong Supplement Shop and Icon Supplements market and sell this product. Currently, this product is off the online market and seems to be unavailable online as well.

IS Androdrol A SCAM?

While Androdrol may not be called a complete scam, it definitely is not what it is advertised as. There are a lot of potential side effects that may occur due to its usage and it is not approved till date by the Food and Drug Administration either.


The side effects of Androdrol are extreme. It causes pain in joints, is extremely hepatoxic and for some people, the prohormone leads to a decrease in their sex drive. The high amount of anti-estrogenic products and its triple-methylation makes it unsafe for its users, leading to hormonal imbalance at times.

Final Verdict

Androdrol has been hailed as the best bodybuilding supplement by its manufacturers and advertisers. Some of its user claim that the drug has helped them a lot. However, many others claim to have suffered high side effects of the product and claim that it doesn’t work. The ingredients have been labelled as “too hardcore” by several other reviewers. Not being approved by the FDA is also a major reason that this product is not supported by us.